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SCU Ride With GPS Information Page

Suburban Cyclists Unlimited and Bicycle Club of Philadelphia have joined forces to create a Ride With GPS site for members of both clubs.

The site provides members with:
  • free access to the clubs' combined Ride With GPS Route Library

  • free access to premium Ride with GPS navigation features for club routes, such as:

     - PDF maps and cue sheets
     - turn by turn route directions
     - voice navigation
     - offline maps
     - estimated ride times for each route

  • and much more!

To use our clubs' site, you must:
  • be an active member of BCP or SCU, and
  • have a Ride with GPS account.

To begin using the site, simply go to the site and look for the orange [Apply to Join] button.

If you do not have a Ride with GPS, account, then you will be taken to a sign-up page where you may create a free basic Ride With GPS account.

If you already have a Ride with GPS Account you should sign in. Your request to join will be sent to the site administrators for approval. Approvals are usually processed several times a week.

Please note that the email address you use for your Ride With GPS account is used to verify your club membership. It must be the same as the email address used for your club membership.


Curtis Schwartz (SCU, is the site administrators for BCP and SCU.  Chuck Herbert ( can help with technical questions.

the club Ride With GPS site is online at: